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The 2022 Genesis G70 is a first-rate luxury sedan, coveted for its rich interior comfort, sporty powertrains, and excellent warranty coverage. Better yet, the G70 outdoes luxury competitors with its reasonable price, and it manages to do so without skimping on upscale features.

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2020 Genesis G70 vs Audi A4

How do you effectively measure quality? We’re comparing two small luxury sedans, after all. Chances are, if you’re looking at buying one of these, quality is a major consideration. In this comparison guide, we’ll demonstrate why the new 2020 Genesis G70 outpaces its rival.

2020 Infiniti Q50 vs Genesis G70

Both the 2020 INFINITI Q50 and Genesis G70 put a friendly price on upscale cruising. But which of these luxury sporty sedans gives you more of what you want? Our comparison guide takes a closer look at each model.

2020 Genesis G70 vs Cadillac CT4

The 2020 Genesis G70 and Cadillac CT4 have so much in common—like luxurious interiors, cutting-edge tech features, and smooth, powerful rides—that it can be tough to know which is right for you. But our comparison guide takes a close look at each luxury sedan, supplying all the info you need to make an excellent decision.

2022 Genesis G70 vs Lexus ES 350

The Genesis G70 and Lexus ES350 both offer compelling luxury at near entry level prices, the Genesis pulls ahead with the optional 3.3T and enhanced peace of mind offered by their maintenance and warranty coverage. It comes in with a lower sticker price, better performance, and superior protection

2021 Genesis G70 vs BMW 3 Series

The 2021 Genesis G70 is a great luxury small car that comes packed with driver’s assistance features, a potent V6 engine, and a high-class cabin. The BMW 3 Series is competitive in the luxury small car rankings. Let’s see how it compares the 2021 Genesis G70.

2022 Genesis G70 vs Lexus IS

If you’re looking for a premium pleasure cruise, the Genesis G70 and Lexus IS are both appealing options. It’s easy to see why you might hesitate to choose between them. But our comparison guide is here to help you figure out which luxury sedan has more to offer.

2022 Genesis G70 vs Hyundai Sonata

Because they have a parent company in common, you might wonder whether there’s actually much of a difference between the Genesis G70 and Hyundai Sonata. And, if there is a big difference, which model is better for your daily drive? Our comparison guide is here to demystify both of these four-door sedans.

2022 Genesis G70 vs G80

The Genesis G70 and G80 are a pair of midsize luxury sedans designed to provide on-road opulence at a price that’s tough to beat. If you’re shopping the brand, you’re probably wondering about the differences between these luxury sedans. Come with us as we take a closer look at each model.

2021 Genesis G70 vs Infiniti Q50

The Genesis G70 and INFINITI Q50 are a pair of desirable luxury sedans if there ever was one. And that makes choosing between them a complicated affair. Which midsize sedan is right for you? Our comparison guide takes a look.

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